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Saturday October 25th 2014
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29 July 2010

LEXAPRO FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_1235" align="alignright" width="277" caption="Northern Limit Line and the five South Korean islets in the Yellow (West) Sea. Photo:"][/caption]

South Korea has become a dynamic and lively country, LEXAPRO alternatives, providing global leadership in numerous areas, but it is situated in a complicated region and faces serious challenges in dealing with its neighbors. The sinking of the 1,200-ton corvette Cheonan on March 26, order LEXAPRO from United States pharmacy, resulting in the deaths of 46 sailors, is a ready reminder of the instability of the region, LEXAPRO schedule, especially the unpredictability of North Korea, which, according to international investigators, launched the torpedo that sank this modern warship from one of its midget submarines, LEXAPRO long term.

Such a blatant military assault should not go unpunished, but finding the appropriate response is difficult, Comprar en línea LEXAPRO, comprar LEXAPRO baratos, as no one wants to escalate tensions on the Korean peninsula. During the administrations of Presidents Kim Dae Jung (1998-2003) and Roh Moo Hyun (2003-08), South Korea’s “Sunshine Policy” was designed to promote economic exchange with North Korea to reduce tensions, LEXAPRO FOR SALE. While President Lee Myung Bak has shown a less friendly face toward the North, he has allowed some economic activities between the two Koreas to continue. But in response to the sinking of the Cheonan, LEXAPRO images, President Lee has stopped nearly all trade with North Korea, prohibited North Korean ships from using South Korean shipping channels, Effects of LEXAPRO, and considered ramping up broadcasting across the demilitarized zone. South Korea and the United States had sought a strong Security Council response, but China and Russia blocked that effort, leaving many on both sides to feel that this incident is not heading toward a satisfactory conclusion, order LEXAPRO no prescription.

Given the dangers of escalation, talking is almost always better than killing, LEXAPRO from canadian pharmacy, and efforts must continue to resume dialogue between the two Koreas as well as the Six Party Talks, which also include the United States, China, Japan, cheap LEXAPRO, and Russia. LEXAPRO FOR SALE, The ultimate resolution of this matter should be designed to promote a more stable regime in the Yellow (West) Sea so that future military confrontations are less likely, and should include a North Korean apology for the attack on the Cheonan as well as compensation for the deaths of the South Korean sailors. But how can discussions begin to produce such results. LEXAPRO treatment, The Cheonan was sunk near Baengnyeong Island, an 18-square-mile (46-square-kilometers) South Korean island situated less than 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the North Korean coast in the Yellow (West) Sea (and more than 100 miles, or 160 kilometers, from the South Korean mainland), kjøpe LEXAPRO på nett, köpa LEXAPRO online. It is one of five small South Korean islands that hug the North Korean coast west of Incheon. North Korea does not challenge South Korea’s sovereignty over these islets, LEXAPRO pictures, but it does question the validity of the maritime boundary of the Northern Limit Line (NLL), which was drawn on August 30, 1953, by U.S, LEXAPRO cost. General Mark Clark, the United Nations Commander at the end of the Korean War, LEXAPRO FOR SALE. General Clark drew this line to stop South Korean vessels and planes from navigating north of this line. The line was never discussed with North Korea, LEXAPRO dangers, and was never accepted or acknowledged by the North, which has repeatedly protested against it.

[caption id="attachment_1236" align="alignright" width="240" caption="The coveted Korean blue crabs. Photo: EnCyber"] LEXAPRO FOR SALE, [/caption]

The Northern Limit Line divides South Korea’s five coastal islets and the North Korean coast, and blocks North Korea’s access to the fishing resources in this part of the Yellow (West) Sea, particularly the valuable blue crabs, which are plentiful between May 1 and July 15 each year. North Korea has always wanted to increase its share of the catch, because the crabs can be exported for hard cash to China and Japan. Where can i find LEXAPRO online, Chinese ships also come into this region to illegally harvest the blue crabs.

Military confrontations over the crabs occurred on June 15, 1999, when thirty North Korean sailors were killed, australia, uk, us, usa, and on June 29, 2002, Herbal LEXAPRO, when a North Korean vessel sank a South Korean patrol boat, in which five South Korean sailors were killed and a North Korean vessel was set aflame. More recently, on November 10, LEXAPRO trusted pharmacy reviews, 2009, naval vessels from the two Koreas exchanged fire, LEXAPRO recreational, reportedly causing damage to a North Korean patrol ship, in an incident known as the Battle of Deacheong. Some even suggest that the sinking of the Cheonon might have been a reprisal for that confrontation, LEXAPRO FOR SALE.

The Northern Limit Line has been useful as a line of military control. But if the two Koreas were to be regarded as independent countries (rather than as two halves of a temporarily divided country), LEXAPRO over the counter, then this Line would not be viewed as a legitimate maritime boundary under the “equitable principles” that govern boundaries, because it denies North Korea access to adjacent sea areas. Purchase LEXAPRO online no prescription, In blocking such access, the NLL is contrary to the principle of “non-encroachment” and to recent precedents because it gives the small islands equal capacity to generate maritime zones as the continental land mass of the North Korean coast. In case after case, tribunals have ruled that small islands should have limited capacity to affect a maritime boundary, real brand LEXAPRO online, especially when their effect dramatically changes the result that would exist in their absence. LEXAPRO FOR SALE, The most recent decision to reach such conclusion was issued last summer by the International Court of Justice regarding the maritime boundary between Ukraine and Romania in the Black Sea. Ukraine argued that its tiny Serpents’ Island should be considered in the drawing of the boundary but the Court disagreed. Buy no prescription LEXAPRO online, It recognized a territorial sea “enclave” around Serpents’ Island but otherwise drew the boundary as if the islet did not exist at all. A similar result was reached in one of the first maritime boundary cases—between France and the United Kingdom in the English Channel in the late 1970s—where the UK islands of Jersey and Guernsey (which are nestled next to the French coast) were given territorial sea enclaves, but were otherwise ignored in the delimitation. Almost all other decisions have reached similar results, buy LEXAPRO no prescription, with small islands having a limited or reduced impact on the maritime boundary, even if they had substantial populations living on them.

In September 1999, North Korea unilaterally announced that it had redrawn the maritime boundary in this part of the Yellow (West) Sea to divide the waters between the two Koreas equally, without regard to the five South Korean islands, LEXAPRO FOR SALE. LEXAPRO interactions, In response, President Roh sought to promote a joint fishery zone in this region during the final months of his administration.

The declaration issued on October 4, 2007, where can i cheapest LEXAPRO online, after President Roh met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang, tried to address this dispute by stating: “The South and the North have agreed to create a ‘special peace and cooperation zone in the West Sea’ encompassing Haeju and vicinity in a bid to proactively push ahead with the creation of a joint fishing zone and maritime peace zone, LEXAPRO steet value, establishment of a special economic zone, utilization of Haeju harbor, passage of civilian vessels via direct routes in Haeju and the joint use of the Han River estuary.” (Emphasis added.)

Some observers have speculated that North Korea may view this statement as having erased the Northern Limit Line, even though the “joint fishing zone and maritime peace zone” were never established, LEXAPRO online cod. President Lee, however, Where to buy LEXAPRO, has rejected this approach, describing the Northern Limit Line as a “critical border that contributes to keeping peace on our land.”

It is hard for any political leader to take action that is perceived as making a territorial concession, especially one that may create additional security concerns. But perhaps a way could be found to address this dispute that also strengthens South Korean security, LEXAPRO mg, by allowing for increased North Korean fishing while reducing the military assets facing each other in this region. LEXAPRO FOR SALE, South Korea has legitimate concerns that North Koreans might overfish the crabs, causing substantial harm to future harvests. Therefore, Order LEXAPRO online overnight delivery no prescription, careful regulation would be required to limit the number of vessels going after the crabs. Other environmental issues also require joint management, including the spotted seals that are threatened by loss of habitat and human activities.

Because of these complexities, buy cheap LEXAPRO, it would be best to start with a closely monitored joint fishery zone to promote confidence, with serious discussions regarding a formal maritime delimitation to start later, LEXAPRO price, coupon, after the two Koreas have had a period of successful cooperation. The five South Korean islets are entitled to a territorial sea, but because they are so close to North Korea, it might be appropriate to consider a territorial sea around them that would be less than 12 nautical miles, particularly on the northern side of the islets. Some have suggested a “fingers” approach, whereby North Korea would govern the maritime space extending between the South Korean isles, out to a median point between the continental coasts of the two Koreas, LEXAPRO FOR SALE.

The final boundary must be determined through negotiations, focusing on the unique geography of this region and the security concerns of each country. Because the present stand-off is not in anyone’s interests, innovative thinking and constructive discussion are essential.

Recommended citation: Jon Van Dyke, “The Maritime boundary between North & South Korea in the Yellow (West) Sea, 38 North, U.S.-Korea Institute Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, July 29, 2010. Online at:

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5 Responses to “LEXAPRO FOR SALE”

  1. HJ Kim says:

    Not sure if the author understands Korean geopolitics. Blue crab might be somewhat valuable to North Korea for its export value but it’s pocket change for the South. Rather, it is Haeju’s location as the southernmost seaport that is most meaningful North Korea. Incheon is an international transport/logistics hub (e.g. DHL Asia cargo hub is located there). Both ports are gravely affected by changes to the NLL. South Korea particularly has a great deal to lose from a likely southerly repositioning of KPA naval assets following adjustments to the line.

  2. [...] analysts say the North does have legitimate grievances in its maritime border dispute with the South in the Yellow Sea. Others say it is using that dispute to give its provocations a [...]

  3. [...] analysts say the North does have legitimate grievances in its maritime border dispute with the South in the Yellow Sea. Others say it is using that dispute to give its provocations a [...]

  4. Rudy Bes says:

    I am a Canadian citizen, and I wholly agree with John Van Dyke’s assessment, evaluation, and recommendations concerning both the sinking of the Cheonan, and the ideal maritime boundary between North Korea and South Korea. Prior to reading this article, I had been researching the history of the Korean peninsula, and I came to the dual conclusion that the Northern Limit Line is unfair and unjust to the commercial and security interests of North Korea, and that this issue must first be addressed by the US and the UN before further progress can be made toward Korean reunification.

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