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Sunday August 30th 2015
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NK Nuclear Futures

North Korea’s Evolving Nuclear Strategy

North Korea’s Evolving Nuclear Strategy

Over the past two decades, North Korea’s nuclear program has grown from a proliferation problem to a military threat to its neighbors and the United States. The country is now estimated to possess enough fissile material to build anywhere from six to about thirty nuclear weapons, depending largely on how much highly enriched uranium it has produced, and is poised to grow its stockpile, perhaps dramatically, over the coming years. North Korea [Read More]

Satellite Imagery

North Korea’s Sohae Facility: No »

North Korea’s Sohae Facility: No Sign of Launch Preparations; New Construction at Engine Test Stand

A 38 North exclusive with analysis by Jack Liu and Joseph S. Bermudez Summary Despite speculation that Pyongyang intends to conduct its fourth [Read More]

Domestic Affairs

North Korea’s New Propagandist? North Korea’s New »

In late July 2015, the international media briefly shifted its attention to Kim Jong [Read More]

North Korea’s July 19 Local Elections Dispel ROK Allegations of Public Unrest North Korea’s »

Summary The West’s take on North Korean elections is familiar: they are neither free [Read More]

The Rise and Fall of General Hyon Yong Chol The Rise and Fall »

  Kim Jong Un dismissed Hyon Yong Chol as North Korea’s minister of defense [Read More]

James Church

The 50-Year Rule »

The 50-Year Rule

“Inspector! Long time no see!” I spotted Inspector O in the corner of the café where his cryptic message had said we should meet. He sat at a small table covered with papers, hemmed in by books piled on the floor next to his chair. “Shall we move to something in the [Read More]

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Credit for photo of young North Korean girl: T.M. All rights reserved, used with permission.