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Friday July 1st 2016
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Book Reviews

Book Review: “North Korea’s Juche Myth”

Book Review: “North Korea’s Juche Myth”

North Korea’s Juche Myth By B. R. Myers. Busan: Sthele Press, August 2015. 289 pp. Analysts often invoke North Korea’s Juche ideology of “self-reliance” to explain everything from the country’s personality cult to its military belligerence. Some portray Juche as a logical result of North Korea’s geopolitical environment, and of the Korean peninsula’s history of invasion and subjugation by neighboring countries. When it comes to [Read More]


A Partial Success for the Musudan: Addendum A Partial Success for the »

North Korea has just released an image of Kim Jong Un posing in front of a Musudan missile (Hwasong-10) with the reentry vehicle removed. In addition to showing the grid fins in [Read More]

KMS-4 Nose Fairing Debris Found on Japanese Coast KMS-4 Nose Fairing Debris »

A 38 North exclusive with analysis by Nathan Hunt and Jack Liu. Summary On June 17, more than four months after North Korea launched the Kwangmyongsong-4 (KMS-4) satellite, [Read More]

Foreign Affairs

North Korea’s Military »

North Korea’s Military Partnerships Under Threat?

The latest UN sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) have locked the two Koreas in a war for influence on far-flung [Read More]

NK Nuclear Futures

Trapped in No-Man’s-Land: The Future of US Policy Toward North Korea Trapped in »

US policy toward North Korea has reached a dead end. Built upon a foundation of dubious [Read More]

Sanctions’ Role in Dealing with the North Korean Problem Sanctions’ Role »

For almost a decade, sanctions have been the principal coercive instrument available to [Read More]

Positive Economic Inducements in Future Nuclear Negotiations with North Korea Positive Economic »

Any future negotiations with North Korea will need to consider the role of economic [Read More]

Credit for photo of young North Korean girl: T.M. All rights reserved, used with permission.