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Saturday August 23rd 2014
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Satellite Imagery

North Korea’s Sohae Satellite Launching Station: Upgrades Near Completion; Ready for More Launches?

North Korea’s Sohae Satellite Launching Station: Upgrades Near»

A 38 North exclusive with analysis by Nick Hansen. Summary Recent commercial satellite imagery indicates that North Korea is nearing completion of several significant construction projects at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station despite heavy rains in mid-July. The effort underway since late last year—to upgrade the gantry tower and launch pad—that will enable the North Koreans to test space launch vehicles with greater ranges and carry [Read More]

James Church

Tiptoeing Past Vesuvius »

Tiptoeing Past Vesuvius

While several other areas in the world have gone completely to hell, Northeast Asia seems only to be rumbling, like Mt. Vesuvius in a long-ago August. The [Read More]

Foreign Affairs

North Korea, Hamas, and Hezbollah: Arm in Arm? North Korea, Hamas, »

North Korea’s arms exports to US-designated terrorist organizations in the Middle East [Read More]

The North Korea Contingency: Why China Will Not Cooperate The North Korea »

Since Kim Jong Un became the supreme leader of North Korea in late 2011, and especially [Read More]

A Tale of Two Kaesong Industrial Zones: Not All Foreign Investment is Created Equal A Tale of Two »

Promoting foreign direct investment and enhancing commercial engagement is often touted [Read More]

Credit for photo of young North Korean girl: T.M. All rights reserved, used with permission.