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Thursday May 26th 2016
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Why German Unification Is Not a Model for Korean Unification

Why German Unification Is Not a Model for Korean Unification

For decades, many Koreans have viewed German unification as a model for the future of a divided Korean peninsula. However, there are differences between the two that need to be understood, both to inform current policy and provide valuable lessons for the future. German unification has been a success story that Koreans interested in unification often aspire to emulate. The process was peaceful and democratic—reflecting the wishes of the [Read More]

Foreign Affairs

Listening to Korea’s Liberals Listening to Korea’s »

The resounding defeat handed to South Korea’s ruling conservative party in last week’s legislative elections had, on the surface, little to do with North Korea. Domestic [Read More]

The 2016 UN Panel of Experts Report: An Eye-Opening Account of Persistent Blindness  The 2016 UN Panel of Experts »

The UN Panel of Experts Established Pursuant to Resolution 1874 has been monitoring and reporting on violations of the North Korea sanctions regime since 2009, providing North [Read More]

Editor's Column

Correcting the Record on 38 »

Correcting the Record on 38 North’s Analysis of North Korea’s Possible Fifth Nuclear Test

The recent article, “What’s behind North Korea’s attempts for dialogue?” by Cha Du-Hyeogn, published by NK News calls 38 North to task as [Read More]


A New Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile for North Korea A New »

Summary North Korea has revealed images of a submarine-launched ballistic missile test [Read More]

North Korea’s Large Rocket Engine Test: A Significant Step Forward for Pyongyang’s ICBM Program North Korea’s »

Summary North Korea’s April 9 test of a large liquid-fuel engine is a disturbing [Read More]

A Solid but Incremental Improvement in North Korea’s Missiles A Solid but »

North Korea recently showed images of a large solid-fuel rocket motor test that appears [Read More]

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