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Friday October 28th 2016
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Satellite Imagery

Checks and Balances: Thermal Imagery Analysis of Yongbyon

Checks and Balances: Thermal Imagery Analysis of Yongbyon

A 38 North exclusive with analysis by Andy Dinville and Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. Summary Given the lack of access to North Korea’s nuclear facilities at Yongbyon, outside observers rely on a variety of tools to monitor what is happening throughout the complex. High resolution commercial satellite imagery is useful for detecting movement as well as external signs and developments. Thermal imagery indicates variances in the heat signatures [Read More]


Musudan Could Be Operational Sooner Than Expected Musudan Could Be Operational »

North Korea seems to have tested its Musudan missile seven times this year, with only a single clear success to show for it. But the North Koreans aren’t simply repeating old [Read More]

North Korea-Iran Missile Cooperation North Korea-Iran Missile »

North Korea’s ground test of a powerful, liquid-fueled engine on September 20, and the launch of three modified-Scud missiles earlier this month renewed allegations that [Read More]

Foreign Affairs

Byungjin vs the Sanctions Regime: »

Byungjin vs the Sanctions Regime: Which Works Better?

While the North Korean nuclear problem has long been at the center of discourse concerning the Korean peninsula, the recent growth of its nuclear and [Read More]


Details, Details: History Lessons from Negotiating with North Korea Details, Details: »

It’s not easy to predict the future. It shouldn’t be so difficult to understand the [Read More]

Potboiler Press: British Media and North Korea Potboiler Press: »

British news coverage of North Korea suffers for two primary reasons: an insular attitude [Read More]

Between Wishful Thinking and Realism: Hopes for a Pyongyang Spring Between Wishful »

On September 20, 2016, the US Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights [Read More]

Credit for photo of young North Korean girl: T.M. All rights reserved, used with permission.