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Wednesday July 27th 2016
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Domestic Affairs

Deciphering North Korean Economic Policy Intentions

Deciphering North Korean Economic Policy Intentions

The question of whether or not North Korea might openly pursue economic reform has been a focus of expert discussions for years. According to optimists, the DPRK’s masters could transform, or even “conventionalize,” the “Stalinist state” to become a “normal” country—if they retained power long enough to achieve reform and eventually change their belligerent foreign policy. However, liberalization associated with any reforms could [Read More]


Freezing North Korea’s Nuclear Program Freezing North Korea’s »

Joel Wit, 38 North co-founder and senior fellow at the US-Korea Institute at SAIS, discusses “Freezing North Korea’s Nuclear Program” at the Institute for Corean-American [Read More]

Oral History Archive: The 1994 US-DPRK Agreed Framework Oral History Archive: The »

On October 21, 1994, the United States and North Korea signed an agreement--the Agreed Framework--calling upon Pyongyang to denuclearize in exchange for two light water reactors. [Read More]

James Church

Inspector O and the South China Sea »

Inspector O and the South China Sea

“I imagine your knuckles would be dead white at this point, Church.” Inspector O had messaged me in the usual way to meet him in Malta. He’d [Read More]


Propaganda Games: Reviewing Two Documentaries on North Korea Propaganda Games: »

The Propaganda Game. Directed by Alvaro Longoria. Spain: Morena Films, 2015. DVD, 98 [Read More]

North Korea Said it is Willing to Talk about Denuclearization…But No One Noticed North Korea Said it »

There was a train wreck last week, but not a lot of people noticed, swooning as they were [Read More]

North Korea Still Faces Significant Challenges in Developing a Sea-Launched Missile: Expert North Korea Still »

North Korea’s previous SLBM launches from May 8, 2015 and April 26, 2016 (Photos: [Read More]

Credit for photo of young North Korean girl: T.M. All rights reserved, used with permission.