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Tuesday July 29th 2014
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Foreign Affairs

The North Korea Contingency: Why China Will Not Cooperate

The North Korea Contingency: Why China Will Not Cooperate

Since Kim Jong Un became the supreme leader of North Korea in late 2011, and especially after Pyongyang undertook nuclear and long-range missile testing in 2012 and 2013, planning for North Korea contingencies (possible political turmoil and collapse) has become a popular theme for the US and ROK governments. Both countries acknowledge the key role that China would play in any scenario and have attempted to engage Beijing in discussions and even [Read More]

Satellite Imagery

North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear »

North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Facility: Problems Continue with Reactor Operations

A 38 North exclusive with analysis by Nick Hansen Summary Recent commercial satellite imagery indicates that North Korea continues to experience [Read More]


When A Cruise Missile Is Just A Cruise Missile When A Cruise »

After the release earlier this week of “Translating a Noun into a Verb Pyongyang Style: [Read More]

Translating a Noun into a Verb Pyongyang Style: The Case of North Korea’s New Cruise Missile Translating a Noun »

It looks like North Korea is now in the cruise missile business. Talk about translating a [Read More]

Loopholes in UN Sanctions against North Korea Loopholes in UN »

The latest United Nations report on North Korean sanctions has once again highlighted the [Read More]

Military Affairs

North Korea Drones On »

North Korea Drones On

The April 2012 presentation of domestically manufactured unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, sometimes called drones) during the military parade to celebrate the 100th birthday of Kim Il Sung and the subsequent 2014 recovery of wreckage from three that had crashed in South [Read More]

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